10 WWE Super-Stars Who Could Be Great Superheroes

3) Roman Reigns as Superman


Roman Reigns is one of the biggest wrestlers in the world. Just like Superman is DC flagship character, Reigns is a flagship character of the world of WWE. He would make a great Superman. In fact, he has a signature move called Superman Punch. Reigns’ strength and his ability to kick the butt is commendable.

4) Brock Lesnar as The Hulk


Brock Lesnar is the only bigger wrestler in the world of WWE. But his in-ring aggressiveness and the energy to smack the opponent out of the ring is simply impressive. His overall personality resembles the Hulk, with big ripped muscles, the way he fights and looks. He completely transforms into a beast. Though he does not have green color but will look absolutely fit for the superhero role.

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