10 WWE Super-Stars Who Could Be Great Superheroes

In the real world, only humans that seem to have super endurance and power and who can actually lift, kick and beat the shit out someone are WWE wrestlers. With the giant ripped muscles and the strength to throw a heavier contender out of the ring is not less than like a superpower. The agility and durability in the fights demonstrated in the wrestling are not a normal human activity. Well, what if we get to see wrestlers in the superhero movies. Would not it be fun? Let’s break it down, here are the 10 wrestlers who could be great superheroes.

1) The Rock as Aquaman


Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has already been assigned to play Black Adam. But if we think of any other superhero role than it seems like he fits well for Aquaman. He has a great physique and resembles the character well.

2) Chyna as She-Hulk


China is dissimilar to other female wrestlers in terms of body built and in-ring expression. She has competed male competitors in WWE and has also won continental championships. China was amazingly powerful and her body built to resemble the superhero, She-Hulk.

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