Here’s An Amazing Secret Behind Wolverine Scars in Logan

Logan director James Mangold’s still life documentation of his cast has been a treat for all Wolverine fans. Not only does he capture some beautiful pictures, they have been important easter eggs to what is coming up in the highly anticipated movie. The director’s newest addition to his Twitter is another confirmation of how bad of a condition Logan has gotten himself into.


Logan will be based on the comic book Old Man Logan which is set in an alternate world with a western setting. How much of an influence the comics will be to the film has not been confirmed. The latest picture of Logan seems to confirm that the movie will have a western tone. Logan makes a face that captures the pain he must be feeling from his wounds. He seems to have encountered some sort of trouble or fight that has left him worse for wear.


Mangold had previously posted a picture of the Logan script that showed Wolverine’s fast healing being more fledging than ever before. It seems like the picture perfectly encapsulates this. Wolverine has lived for more than 200 years, always springing back from life-threatening situations that have left the hero close to death.


As the film has been confirmed to be Hugh Jackman’s last time in playing the role he made iconic to pop culture, the expectations have been high. Both Jackman and Mangold have both stated that Logan will not be the typical superhero fare that fans have been used to. And judging from the trailer, it seems like that may just be the case. Mangold has gone as far as stating that it is not a superhero movie at all in one of his interviews.

Fox seems to have full confidence with this big risk, and all due to the success of Deadpool. The R-rated film had made a pretty penny for the studio, more than it was expected to. And since Wolverine has been the one constant factor for the studio to ensure some blockbuster action, it seems as though Fox will take the risk for quality over quantity with this one.

Amy Fanai

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