3 Omitted Scenes In Your Favorite Marvel Movies

Movie making process is not a piece of cake, and to make a good movie, shooting extra scenes helps get more options during the editing process. Sometimes, the process gets very tricky that literally make editors tickle their gray matter. That’s why there are numerous deleted scenes that we miss while the important ones make it to the final cut. Here we are going to talk about three deleted scenes that would have taken these movies to next level.

1) Captain America: Civil War


The third installment in the Captain America series is an action-packed adventurous ride between Iron Man’s team and Captain America’s team. There is no shortage of great sequence in the movie, but there is one moment which could add a new taste while both the teams were fighting at the airport. After being chased by the War Machine, Captain America drops his shield and then Bucky picks it up to slow down James Rhodey and desires to have one of those.

2) Spider-Man 3


It looks like Spider-Man does not come in the category of “perfect comic book” movies, but it was able to hit some emotional notes. There was another scene could have been added in the final fight between Spider-Man and Sand Man. In order to pull Sand Man out of the battle, the plan was to reveal that there is no cure for his daughter’s illness also giving a reason to not fight against the Spider-Man. Later, Sand Man explained his involvement in the Uncle Ben’s murder. After hearing his story, Peter forgives him. Well, this could have been filming’s key scenes in the fight.

3) X-Men Apocalypse

apocalypse movie scenes

X-Men Apocalypse is a sequel to X-Men: Days of Future Past and hit theaters this year. The film featured young versions of the classic characters including Scott Summers, also dubbed as Cyclops, who emits devastating beams of energy from his eyes. Being a mutant he was unsure of his abilities. In one of the deleted scenes, the Beast offer him a visor through which cyclops could control his beams.

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