New Wolverine 3 Villain Has Been Revealed

The Logan press campaign seems to be in full effect these days as new tasty nuggets come out from the upcoming film. The Logan Instagram account Wponx has been active for a few days now, but it’s been a good access for fans to get a glimpse of what the movie is going to be like or what the film will include.



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The Instagram page had previously posted three new images- a severed arm holding a gun, a facility which looks a lot like Weapon X and a mysterious motel. Now the page has added a new picture that may very well be an introduction into Logan’s new  villain. The picture contains actor Boyd Holbrook (of Narcos)in a side profile sitting in what looks like a jeep or a truck. The caption is simply titled, Pierce. This has gotten many to presume that the actor will be playing villain Donald Pierce in Logan.


In the comics, Donald Pierce is a cyborg who was a member of the Hellfire Club’s Inner Circle. He is also a baddie whom the X-Men have also faced many times. Pierce left Hellfire Club after being beaten by the X-Men and formed his own  cyborg only group called The Reavers.  The Reavers  were tasked with the mission of killing mutants.

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The confirmation of Pierce in the Logan may also tell of a Reaver’s appearance. It had earlier been reported that the film would take place in 2024, where young mutants were being turned into killing machines for the government. Pierce could be a result of the government program, hell bent on killing Wolverine. The upcoming movie will also feature Richard E Grant who has been suspected to play Mister Sinister, though his character in the official cast listing has been said to be a mad scientist type of character.

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