Top 5 Marvel Superheroes Headquartered In New York

Doctor Strange: Sanctum Sanctorum


The Sanctum Sanctorum is the residing place of Doctor Strange. It’s a three-story townhouse situated at 177A Bleecker Street. It is located in the center of New York City’s Greenwich Village. In the comics, the building was believed to have been built upon the site of heretic sacrifices. and is a central point for supernatural energies.

Luke Cage: Gem Theater


Luke Cage aka Power-Man resides in the Gem Theater situated on the 42nd Street, Theater District, New York. He was Marvel’s blaxploitation-themed superhero who teamed up with martial artist Iron Fist to create the first superhero team based on low-rent 70’s Cinema. Aptly, their office is above a movie theater.

Spider-Man: Forest Hills, Queens

superheroes based in new york

Peter Parker aka Spider-Man is a science-whiz orphan who lives with his aunt and uncle at 20 Ingram Street in Forest Hills, Queens, NY. He gets his superpowers when he gets bitten by a radioactive spider at a science exhibit. Spider-Man is one of the few heroes in the Marvel Comics who is pretty much attached to the New York City. Reason? One of the major reasons is the high-rise buildings which he uses for his locomotion.

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