New LOGAN [Wolverine 3] Villains Have Been Revealed

The upcoming film Logan seems to be giving more material as the week’s roll by. Not only has director James Mangold revealed the character of Caliban and an older looking Professor X, the official Instagram page wpnx has been uploading random pictures from the sets which indicate certain parts of the movie. The Instagram page was also key to indicating one of Logan villains, Pierce who will be played by actor Boyd Holbrook of Narcos fame.


With Donald Pierce as the villain, it was not hard to imagine either The Hellfire Club or The Reavers to be included in the movie. And now it seems like that is what will exactly happen. Wpnx posted a picture of a soldier or an operative peering through his rifle.The picture was simply captioned “Reaver” and did not actually indicate which member of The Reavers he may be.


The Reavers were cyborgs who committed crimes that were hard to ignore. They were big enemies of The X-Men who eventually defeated them. Members Pretty Boy, Skullbuster, and Bonebreaker were the only members that were able to escape this defeat. Donald Pierce soon recruited them to bring revenge on the X-Men and mutants in general. Out of all the X-Men members, they hated Wolverine the most.

logan wolverine villains

According to sources, Donald Pierce will be the head of security at Transigen, the government organization that experiments on young mutants to turn them into deadly mercenaries. The website omegaunderground.com revealed a new set picture of Boyd Holbrook with a green screen glove on his right hand and a burned faced Reaver. Pierce’s missing hand could possibly be the amputated arm that wpnx had posted earlier this month. The Reavers and Pierce could also be products of Transigen or they could be just hard hearted killers with a repulsion for mutants.

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