Logan [Wolverine 3]: Who Is The Child In The Poster?

As the excitement of last week, Wolverine news dies down, there are many factors to Logan that are being speculated on. Hugh Jackman, star of Logan, had posted a picture of the first official Logan poster. Wolverine’s hands with his famous claws out is being held by a child’s hands. This has gotten many fans to wonder if the child could be from the Old Man Logan comic or the Female Wolverine a.k.a X-23.


The Wrap had an alleged scoop of what the plotline of Logan will be about. The site mentioned that Wolverine is an old man now. With his powers weakening, his body suffers and he tries to numb the agony with alcohol. The site also mentioned that Wolverine would be taking care of Professor X and a girl child.

There has not been any confirmation if this plot line is true or not from Marvel, although part of it seems to be unofficially confirmed as Logan director James Mangold posted an older, weaker looking picture of Professor X played by Patrick Stewart in his Twitter. The Wrap does not mention anything about the villain Mister Sinister.The child, on the other hand could either be from the mentioned comics, or a combination of both, as Hollywood tends to mash things together in the past.


Laura Kinney or X-23 is known as the Female Wolverine. She was created by Mister Sinister using Logan’s DNA. She is technically Logan’s child. Wolverine looks after Kinney as his own child, mentoring her etc while Kinney looks up to Wolverine as a father figure. She took on his moniker after he died to honor him.

Old Man Logan’s Child

Facts About Logan
Facts About Logan

In Mark Millar’s Old Man Logan, Wolverine retires and settles down with a wife and some kids. His family gets slaughtered by The Hulk Clan which sends Logan, an old man now, to don on the Wolverine persona again and avenge his family’s murder.

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