5 Mind-Blowing Facts That You May Not Know About Inhumans

Marvel Universe introduced Inhumans which are the most advanced human race. They are as powerful as mutants and protect not only their clan but also planet Earth. They’ve been called heroes, villains, meta-humans, and freaks. Here we are exploring five amazing facts about them.

1) Origin

The Inhumans are also known as Inhomo Supremis. They are far more superior than humans and each of them has their own distinct power and look. They were originally created by the alien race known as the Creek. Medusa and Gorgon were the first Inhumans which appeared in Fantastic Four in 1965 in the series #36 and #44 respectively.

2) History


They are led by a team that includes the king who destroys cities when he speaks, a queen with wildly dangerous hairs, and a dude who can find the weak spot in anything. They were hidden from humans for centuries. Medusa is the queen of the Inhumans.

3) Conflict with other Inhumans


They mistook the torch for one of their own and took him to their family’s secret hideaway when the other Inhumans saw a regular human in their midst in-fighting began. They are hiding away from the seeker.

4) Seeker


Seeker claim that the Inhuman race developed alongside primitive Homo Sapiens but at a much faster rate. Ordinary humans hated and feared them so they retreated from the world to Attilan which was shielded from humans. They were encountered in Fantastic Four were refugees including Blackbolt.

5) Terrigen Mist


They were technologically and mentally more advanced than humans but did not differ them physically. However, they have discovered the Terrigen mist, whenever they subject themselves to this mist they evolved into super-powered and gifted beings.

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