5 Must Watch Controversial Movies

The most controversial movies have their own reasons for being a part of the controversy. The reasons could be that these movies are either filled with sex scenes, violation, scandalous and obscene language. These films have been banned by moral police, popes, and other critics around the world. Take a look at these 5 Must watch Controversial movies.

 1) Triumph of the Will (1934)



Till her dying day, director Leni Riefenstahl claimed that she was not a Nazi. Screenings are still forbidden in Germany. But Riefenstahl’s extraordinary skill in portraying the marching troops and the farmer’s screens makes this film debatable. Read what Roger Ebert had to say, “There were other documentaries about the Nazi rallies. But no one remembers [them]; they weren’t as good.”

2) Freaks (1932)


In 1931 Tod Browning was on another level after making Dracula a global box-office phenomenon. He finally got the courage to take his dream project to another level. This was about unloved carnival people whose code is broken because of an insider. Browning insisted on using real circus performers with distortions. Scandalously, a test screening prompted one woman’s miscarriage.Various scenes involving violent revenge were removed. However, a 64-minute version made it to theaters, but it was quickly turned down after the perplexed public reaction. This almost ruined Browning’s career.

3) Last Tango in Paris (1972)


There was this lengthy scene of anal sex that many addressed as psychologically dramatic, others as smug posturing as art. The uproar started from here only. Curious audiences’ were threatened by the protesters. This gloomy romance met with an absolute ban in Chile, Spain, and even director Bernardo Bertolucci’s native Italy. In fact, his civil rights were revoked for five years.

4) Ecstasy (1933)


This movie is about a love triangle which depicts sexual intercourse. The uproar was elicited by the close-ups of blushing HedyLamarr, in clear ecstasy during an illegitimate encounter with a well-built construction worker.

5) The Exorcist (1973)

5 controversial movies

A lot of buzzes and urban myth whirl around what is broadly considered as the weirdest horror movie ever made. In fact, because of the fire and injuries, the director,William Friedkin had to call a priest to save his cursed set.

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