3 Amazing Wolverine Crossovers We Would Love To See As Movies

Crossover trend is turning out to be more profitable as compared to the single-line stories. Before The Avengers hit the big screens first time in 2012, nobody knew that taking a crossover to big screens would help it gross $1.5bn. Well, we have talked about it. Today, we are counting on three Wolverine crossovers that one should read. And these crossover stories have more than two titles.

1) The Age of Apocalypse


This is one of the craziest X-Men crossovers. Legion, the son of Charles Xavier, goes back in time to kill Magneto before the Magneto- Professor X feud even began. Following this, a group of X-Men follows him back in time to stop him including Bishop, who is one of the X-Men’s resident time-traveler. However, they fail to stop Legion, but the young Charles Xavier was able to stop him. In the end, Magneto takes Xavier’s desire of peaceful coexistence by casting off his anti-human feelings.

2) X-Tinction Agenda


This 1990’s crossover comic book storyline features spin-off titles, X-Factor, New Mutants and Uncanny X-Men. This also brings the reunion of the X-Men. This storyline is an overall narrative unlike several other individual storylines being tied to each other. Now Kenosha seems to be getting aggressive. X-Force’s one-time ally, Cameron Hodge, has associated the people in the country. Led by Havok, some Genoshan magistrate kidnap storm and some members of New Mutants. Banshee and Forge meet X-Factor in order to save their friends. In between, Jubilee, Wolverine, and Psylocke reach the Genosha. And in the end, X-Men reunites following the death of New Mutant Warlock and re-aging of Storm.

3) Fall of the Mutants

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This crossover event features three issue: X-Factor (issues #24–26), The Uncanny X-Men (issues #225–227), and The New Mutants (issues #59–61). It is more thematic than other ones. X-Men battle with the evil being Adversary and first Freedom Force. And in order to stop Adversary, the X-Men had to sacrifice their lives. Without any suspicion, Roma saves them all and world kept thinking that they were dead.

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