SUITS: 5 Reasons Why Everyone Loves Donna

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A woman with an amazing sense of humor and impeccable dress sense, Donna Paulsen is the feisty redhead working for Harvey Specter in Suits. One of strongest working-women characters pulled off by the beautiful Sarah Rafferty, she is the modern day version of beauty with brains (albeit with sarcasm ability). Read on to find out why the audience is raging over this Donna Paulsen:

The ultimate badass:

Suits donna

Yeah, she can call Daniel Hardman an asshole and slap him across the face twice and get away with it. She doesn’t stand for anyone’s bullshit and can even make the best closer in the city consider his decisions. Her confidence only enhances the complexity of her character.



“I’m Donna, I know everything” can very well be her bio note, and an apt one at that. She’s got her eyes and ears everywhere and when it comes to office politics, she’s the best ally anyone could ever wish for.

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