Game of Thrones: This Russian Cement Company Wants To Build ‘Winterfell Castle’

All the Game of Thrones fans who are obsessed with the series can now see the Winterfell castle – ruled by the king of North, in real life. A Russian cement factory has decided to bring the castle, in reality, recreating the massive fortress at Yekaterinburg Cement Factory in central Russia with fast-setting cement, reports Indie Wire.

The castle will be fabricated with the help of a 3D-printer. With the help of giant industrialised printer at the factory, the cement will be poured around the sections of the steel frame of it.

“Ultimately, it will be a watchtower, but instead of warriors and knights there will be security,” said factory boss Rinat Brilin in a report filed by Interfax.

“Why this castle?” Brian said.

“First of all, it is, in my view, very beautiful. And it also demands the use of many new technologies to construct that simpler buildings don’t require,” he added.

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You must be imagining about the number of workers working to help erect this iconic castle from the movies. How many worker do you think would work? Three Only ! Yes, we are not kidding.The Yekaterinburg project includes a computer programmer who is making sure of the concrete layers whether they are being poured in the right place.

The castle, often dubbed as the House Stark, will help promote the latest technology of building infrastructures. This will showcase the use of industrial 3D technology. Well, the company has pitched the right concept to bringing up more about this technology. And this will no doubt bring a lot of traction from around the world with more people visiting the place.

According to the report. the castle is expected to finish by the end of the September.

Are you excited to see the castle ? Are you ready to experience the actual dark atmosphere of the castle, just like shown in the series? Sound off down below.

Check the video of the project

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