An Avenger Is DEAD In Marvel Comic-Book Universe

Marvel’s Team Avengers just keep getting bigger and better and full of news. Of late, Vision has been in the news for many reasons and good reasons too. Did you know that Vision isn’t the only one of his clan – yes, you heard me right. Comic Book fans would know that Vision has a synthesis wife, Virginia and a brother Victor Mancha. The son of ‘Ultron’.


In actuality, Victor was supposed to grow up to be a villain known by the name of “Victorious”. Apparently, he would rule the world after disassembling the Avengers. It was much later that Victor instead joined the Avengers team and worked as an undercover agent, while he watched over Visions family.

Now here’s the complete scoop on Victor – after many encounters and battles faced with Avengers, Vision has a face off with his brother. In doing so Scarlett Witch and Agatha Harkness try to stop Vision but fail.


It was Visions wife Virginia who finally kills off Victor by pulling out his cybernetic heart in The Vision #9, Yes! Story about true revenge.

All this comes about when Victor Kills Vision son Vin, only because of his misinterpretation of powers,making it a big mistake from the go. This was the main reason of Visions fury against his brother.


Victor always pictured himself as the ‘Victorious’ one. This was the very thought that kept evocating him throughout his existence. Making his first appearance in Runaways, Victor was identified as the boy who would grow up to be a villain someday. However, things really didn’t shape up much the way it was predicted for Victor.

It was Virginia who ultimately killed Victor, bringing him to peace. Victor’s final words were pretty touching from the issue – “I will never be Victorious.”


Though Marvel Universe has conveniently forgone all these relations and back stories. Keeping only the main characters in focus. We really hope to see some more of Vision and his family on the big screen, unlike the Visions love Scarlett Witch. A topic we leave for next time.

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