Arrow 100th Episode will reveal Shocking Secret About Robert Queen

In the first few episodes of Arrow Season 5, there will be a mayoral campaign in the Star city, and it’s quite predictable that Oliver Queen will win the elections by a landslide and begin fighting in the light of day. He can unite people as he always wanted, give them hope and rein in crime and injustice without lurking in the shadows. But this can’t make for a high-octane action packed season right? Well, there are insane twists and turns in the pipeline.


Stephen Amell was present at the event Wizard World Philadelphia and basically confirmed the entry of new vigilantes and Russia to be the epicenter of flashbacks in season 5. He assured his fans that the show seeks to return to its roots. He wishes to go away from superpower oriented and be a part of more grounded yet compelling story-telling. He further said “Our villain is going to be in a lot of ways a callback to season 1. And that’s something that you can do when you’re in season 5. I think that the villain that we have coming in is really going to ground the show and take us back to some of the elements that we had in the earlier days before we introduced so many fantastical elements to the Arrow-verse.”


But, when Stephen Amell says that the upcoming season is a giant throwback to the first season, what he is not telling is that there will be a powerful revelation about Robert Queen (Oliver’s father) whose death marked the birth of “The Hood” who later became “Green Arrow”. The show makers have confirmed that Robert Queen will be returning in the 100th episode which is in the middle of 4-night DC Crossover event. But how can he if he is dead? Marc Guggenheim tweeted that he will not be brought back through flashbacks or flashpoint, instead, it’s been revealed that the double-ganger of Robert Queen is the Green Arrow on Earth-2. He will come to Earth-1 and finally we will get to see a major reunion of Queen family in season 5. CHEERS!

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