6 Marvel Characters Who Won’t be there in Phase 4

Some of the huge characters that will not be seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase three. Here are 6 Marvel Characters Who Won’t be there in Phase 4.

1) Captain America

It is no spoiler but Captain America: Civil War is based on, Captain America gets killed. But that’s not the only reason we don’t expect Captain America to make it out of Phase three alive; while star Chris Evans has spoken publicly of his desire to continue working with Marvels. Evans might be there for phase 4.

2) Thor

Ragnarok is very bad, as it involves destruction and deaths of all the gods. So expecting Thor to survive the event is quite too much of optimism. Ragnarok is an endlessly repeating cycle of death and rebirth, so it might be possible that Thor could be back. But he will have to die first.

3) Thanos

Big baddie Thanos has almost had more cameos than Stan Lee. But in the two-part Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos is finally going to get the spotlight- and it’s going to be a bloody one. Thanos, after all, worships death. So even when he inevitably loses, he stills gets what he really wants most in the end.

4) Iron Man


Of all the Characters that are featuring in Marvel Cinematic Universe, none is more important as much as “Iron Man.” Robert Downey Jr., Downey has openly talked about being tired of putting on his costume again. So no one should be surprised if Iron Man makes the ultimate sacrifice in Avengers: Infinity War.

5) The Vision

The Vision might join the Tony Stark in perpetual rest. Hope that someone will be able to rebuild Vision after Thanos dismantles him.

6) Drax The Destroyer


Drax The Destroyer’s entire reason for living is to exact vengeance on the villains who killed his family. And that means Thanos.

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