5 Actors Who Have Played Multiple Superhero Roles

Casting for superhero roles in comic-book movies is quite a tricky business for directors as they have to match the superhero persona carried by them. Not all actors are destined to play the roles and choosing a right one needs deep examination. Being attractive and strong are two of the factors that directors look for. Well, some get the roles and some don’t. But for those who get roles, directors have no problem in casting them for multiple superhero roles. We bring you five actors who donned the superhero character multiple times.

1. Ryan Reynolds


Ryan Renold is known for his role as Green Lantern in the movie with the same title. He finds his superpowers from an alien ring, joining the intergalactic force. Well, it didn’t bring that much of effect and was not successful as expected. Moreover, in an interview, Reynold said that he hated his tight suit. After the movie hit the theaters, he confirmed that there would be no sequel to the last one. Well, this was certainly not the case in Deadpool. The film of the same name hit the theaters in 2016 and was a massive hit. The Deadpool character carried the past instances of Green Lantern.

2. Aaron Taylor-Johnson

The actor played a superhero in 2010’s movie Kick-Ass. he portrayed the character of Dave Lizewski. The movie was well received by the audience and it even got a sequel. In 2015, he portrayed Quicksilver, a mutant with super-fast speed, in the movie Avengers: Age of Ultron.

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