4 Famous Celebrities Who Are Good IN BED

We often get to know almost everything about our favorite celebrities from their personal lifestyle to what they are up to on screen. But one thing that almost all celebrities avoid talking about is how they are good in bed and that’s understood. It is near to impossible to get some news bytes out of their sexually-dominated mind. So peeps, we are going to disclose the most uncovered aspect of the celebrities that you have no idea about. Here are four celebrities who are really good in bed.

1. Jessica Simpson


Apart how she appears on the stage in her performance, according to her ex-boyfriend, John Mayer, Simpson is quite a champion in the bed in making her feelings meet. He said that she is an amazing player in the field and added that their bedroom was like ‘Sexual Napalm’, according to The Talko. Mayer considered her sexually crazy in her bed. He didn’t get too much into it, but its ok. We get it.

2. John Mayer

john mayer

John Mayer’s bedroom skills are not secret as they have been floating around the industry for years. A friend of the singer said that whoever slept with him revealed: “it was their best sex ever”.Moreover, her partners also got addicted to him.

3. Lindsay Lohan


When you have two or more people saying that you are good in bed that means they are right. It’s same with Lindsay Lohan. Her former connections,Wilmer Valderamma and Calum Best, didn’t miss to express their feelings bout Lohan in bed. According to reports, Valderamma said she was good in bed, but Best considered her a “dynamite in bed”. Telling one his friends, according to reports, Calum said: “Lohan can make love in very position all the night”.

4. Tiger Woods


The popular Golf Player is not only animal on the golf pitch, but he is amazing in the bed too. A woman named Kalika Moquin revealed to her friends that he is superbly amazing in bed. Another woman named Loredana Jolie talked about her affair with Woods in a book she wrote. And she claimed that “Woods was a sex machine with a heart of gold”.

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