7 Bad-Ass Superpowers That We All Want To Possess

When we talk about superpowers it does not get cooler than super-destructive fights with fire, action, and lots of other super cool gravity-challenging powers. There is a wide range of superpowers irrespective of the categories and we don’t want to loose any chance to get a glimpse of new superheroes coming on big screens. Some possess cool powers and some don’t. We are counting down on seven cool superpowers that we all wish to have.

1) Ability to changes shapes


Some superheroes have this tremendously cool power of shape-shifting which help them to mold in any situation. They can literally change their appearance to look like anyone they choose. The most amazing thing is that they can imitate the voice of another person like Mystique from X-Men.

2) Super Strength


If you have the power to toss building without taking so many turns, then no one would probably like to miss with you. And when we talk about this, we cannot forget to include The Hulk. The butt-whipping and the skull-crashing giant are one of the epitomes of super strengths.

3) Superspeed


Superspeed is one of the most common superpowers which will never ever die in the movies, cartoons, and comics. Talk about never running late, with super speed, you could be anywhere and at any time and you have still time left to clean your house. Superheroes like The Flash and Quicksilver two superheroes that break the time barrier.

4) Ability of super healing


Isn’t it cool if you can heal soon after somebody stuck a knife through your chest? No doubt it is. And what if you never get sick. Yes, we want this. The constant healing power lengthens the lifespan of superhero and none has the power to kick your butt. If you watched 2016’s Deadpool, then you what the healing looks like and how can we forget Wolverine.

5) Time Travel

Would not it be great to go back in time and correct ourselves and bringing back our grandma from heaven? From comic books to movies, at some point, we have fantasized going back in past and future. You can edit your life by scrapping the scary and sad events from your life.

6) Telepathy

Possessing telepathic superpower mean you can dig into everybody’s thoughts. Knowing what people are thinking about you and playing games with them is not a good thing, but it is fun when you can track every through coming your partner’s mind.

7) Agility

Super agility means you can outmaneuver you enemies and dodge every attack from high-caliber bullets to punches. You can beat the shit out of your enemies and can get away from the nastiest situations.

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