4 Actors Who Aged Shockingly In Their Career

Being a celebrity no doubt is a blessing. With constant public attention and scrutiny, it is not easy to handle the celebrity image, which personally, affect their normal lives when they are working and even when they are not working. And they don’t know how working in a franchise could turn their career to skyrocketing heights or down to hell. A performer can go hero to zero overnight. And as they have to deal with their sloppy celebrity life, ageing plays a crucial role which decides an actor’s career to a maximum extent. Well, some age gracefully ,and some just age and get chipped off from the industry. We bring you four actors who have aged shockingly in their careers.

1. Macaulay Culkin


One of the cutest actors to appear on the screens is Macauley Culkin, who is popularly known for his lead role in Home Alone. Watching him seeing defending against two idiots was fun. The movie was a massive success and Culkin was earning million dollars but does seem to appear now. He looked cute in the movie and check him now.

2. Mel Gibson


If we get back to 90s and see the movie culture, Mel Gibson was among the actors ruling the industry. He was a Hollywood powerhouse and has academy awards to prove it. Years later it was rumored that the actor offended a lot of people in a short time frame.The actor was later abandoned by his agency

3. Shia Labeouf


Shia Labeouf was the best part of Disney channel series, Even Stevens, which ran for three seasons in the early 2000s. The actor gained a lot of traction and fame after working on Transformers. His DUY arrest in 2008 hampered his public persona. He was accused of plagiarizing the work of Daniel Clowes.Now he appeared only in memes.

4. Lindsay Lohan


If you remember the trend of the 90s you would probably hear about the movies Parent Trap starring Lindsay Lohan. In the film, two identical kids conspire to unite their parents and then when she was introduced to Hollywood world. Around 2004, her career began to take a dip following her own drama.

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