Should Zack Snyder be fired from DC Cinematic Universe?

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” was supposed to be a grand superhero extravaganza, instead it fell flat and couldn’t rake in serious dollars by industry standards. Since then there have been serious questions raised against choosing Zack Snyder as the man who will take the DC extended Cinematic universe forward and chart out a creative strategy to compete against Marvel studios which is already way ahead of DC in the superhero game (this is the truth, there is no intent to hurt any DC fan). The movie received over $800 million at the global box office, which isn’t particularly impressive given the size, cost, and expectations from the project. The Captain America Civil War has comfortably crossed a Billion dollar mark, Deadpool grossed over $900 million with less than 1/4th of the cost of Batman v Superman.


It’s becoming clear that even hardcore DC fans can’t defend all aspects of Batman v Superman, the movie tried to fit in other DC superheroes to expand the universe, but the best they could come up is a mail in Wonder woman’s inbox. One can sense that not all is well in DC’s camp, particularly after Suicide Squad there is a bit of nervousness and lack of coordination among different stakeholders including production house, creative consultants, script-writers, and directors.


The Warner Bros. decided to take a hard decision, removed Zack Snyder as the Creative Head and directed the executive VP Jon Berg, Chief Content officer Geoff Johns to oversee the newly created DC universe. Both of them are now tasked with steering the DC films and build a successful DC extended universe to better compete with Marvel which is already way ahead. But he is still connected with the DC Extended Universe in an executive capacity. He was also overseeing Suicide Squad and we know how that turned out. Let’s admit it, guys, this is high time for Warner Bros. to fire Zack as he is just a visual director who doesn’t know how to tell a grand story and handle character depth. #FireZack

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