Tom Cruise Carries His Gym On Private Jets

Tom Cruise takes his fitness regime to next level, by lugging the gym gear to private charters. The actor makes sure that he stays fit and in shape. He carries his gym wherever he goes before he arrives at a new destination, reports Hindustan Times.

“Working out is really important to Tom and he likes to have his own equipment with him so he can exercise in private.” reports the newspaper.

It might seem extravagant but for an A-lister of his stature, hiring a private jet is like the rest of us hailing a taxi.

Work Routine Info Guru revealed Cruise’s workout plans for Oblivion and Top Gun which was quite intense, and he strictly adhered to it. His workout routine consisted of weight training, fencing lessons, treadmill running, and gymming. Moreover, the 54-year old  got his diet and workout routine tailored from his friend and a well-known football star David Beckham.

Beckham advised him to add 1,200 calories a day, not from processed junk food, and refined carbohydrates, but rather from a healthy source. The breakfast featured fresh fruit, with lunches and dinners consisting of lean grilled chicken and fish, along with green vegetables and assorted salads.

One of the friends of Cruise, Victoria Beckham, called him to motivate her staff. The 42-year old singer-turned-designer recalled how he showed his support for her call. It was thrilling for her staff, according to a report by Guelph Mercury.

“So I was working on a collection and all the mood boards were up and my team is in the room with me… all of a sudden there was a knock on the door and Tom walks in, all in black with a pair of aviators, and he stands legs apart and his hands on his hips,” said Victoria.

“He basically came as Maverick. He spent such a long time with every single person, whether it was the design team, e-com, marketing and he spoke to all of the seamstresses,” she added.

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