Is Robert Downey Jr. done with Iron Man?

Actor Robert Downey Jr. will always be famous for his iconic role of “Iron Man”, but there have been reports that Downey Jr. may not be playing the character in the near future “Iron Man” movies. According to the reports, Downey Jr. and his character Tony Stark would not be there in the upcoming movies following the changes in the comics it is based on.

Vine Reported the absence of the lead star, Downey Jr., of “Iron Man 4” in the Marvel Studios panel at Comic-Con 2016.

However, Robert Downey Jr. had a no-show in the recent Comic-Con 2016 , which added fuel to the rumors of him not playing the lead character in the upcoming movies.


Back in July, Marvel released a new set of Iron Man comic books in which the billionaire playboy retiring his metal suit at the end of the “Civil War 2″ story arc. However, the comics launched a brand-new Iron clad character in place of Stark, who is a just teenaged girl named Riri Williams.

The new character Riri is just like Stark, scientific and engineering genius, who managed to build her own Iron suit from scraps in her university, by which the billionaire got impressed with her new invention. However, Riri chose to change her superhero name and wanted to be called as”Iron heart.”

The series’ writer Brian Michael Bendis explained the reason for the new name and why they did not go with the previously rumored names. Brian Michael Bendis explained why he didn’t go with the rumored names, “Iron Woman seemed old-fashioned to some. Iron Maiden looked like a legal nightmare. And Iron heart, coined by Joe Quesada, after I told him my planned story for Riri, speaks not only to the soul of the character but to the Iron Man franchise as a whole.”

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