David Fincher To Direct World War Z 2?

World War Z 2 was facing some production problems and now it seems that those difficulties are cleared away. The first part of the movie has also faced several problems during production. But it didn’t affect the movie seriously as the final product was too good. The problem that is currently haunting the film is the lack of a director. Brad Pitt, who is the producer and hero of the film, lost his first director and now it’s said that he has found a new director who is really close to him. It’s none other than the brilliant filmmaker David Fincher, who directed him in the movies Seven, Fight Club, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.


J.A. Bayona, who directed the films, The Orphanage, and The Impossible, was originally roped in to direct the sequel. But unfortunately, he got away with the untitled Jurassic World sequel, leaving the World War Z sequel without a director. A trusted source reported that Brad Pitt and David Fincher met a couple of weeks ago to discuss the sequel. But it seems that David Fincher is not much interested in the project, but the talks are still going on, which indicates that Fincher might direct the film upon Brad Pitt’s request.


There is also another reason behind David Fincher’s lack of interest towards the movie. The reason is that World War Z 2 is a sequel. David Fincher made his directorial debut by directing a sequel film, Alien 3. But the movie was not received well compared to the previous two films and most of the reviews were negative. Since then he hasn’t directed a single sequel nor has shown any interest towards directing a sequel film.


As mentioned earlier, the prequel also faced several issues during production and immense reshoots were filmed which resulted in the complete changeover of the movie, even the ending. But nothing stopped the movie from becoming a box-office success and grossed $540 million worldwide. World War Z 2 was originally scheduled for a release on June 19, 2017. But the loss of the first director has delayed the production of the film, which would obviously result in the change of the release date.

Joyal Jose

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