5 Possible Game Changers of SummerSlam

WWE is back with another main event in the form of SummerSlam. And we all know the game-changing ability of this main event. For years WWE has trusted this mid-year main event to form storylines for the remaining part of the year. Here is a brief on five possible game changers for this year’s SummerSlam.

The Club Rules


There is a saying that whatever happens in WWE happens for a reason. If that is so then the separation of AJ Styles from the club and the drafting of Finn Balor into RAW must have a reason. We all know how popular the club became in Japan and the immense popularity of the demon king. All the three members of the club are part of title bouts. There is a huge possibility of the club’s beginning of a new era. Finn Balor winning the WWE Universal championship alongside Gallows and Anderson winning the tag-team belt can pave the path of their championship reign. It won’t be surprising if Gallows and Anderson join Balor and the trio destroys Seth Rollins after the match is over.

Bray Wyatt’s Promotion


In this week’s Smackdown live we saw a disappointed Bray Wyatt leaving Eric after the latter’s defeat. This is an obvious indication of Bray Wyatt’s promotion to championship leagues. Despite Bray’s immense popularity he is yet to win a coveted title and has been missing from action for two back to back main events. It is safe to assume that Bray will be part of the WWE heavyweight championship feud post-SummerSlam. Hence there is two possibilities, one Ziggler wins the championship and then feud begins among the three or two Dean retaining the title and then gets attacked by Bray indicating the feud.

US Championship Reign Begins


Roman Reign winning the US Championship is a more than obvious result. WWE desperately needed to fix Roman Reign’s career post his shocking ban. He needed to win over someone to gain respect from the crowd and who can be better than Russev, whose image has been bad since his debut.

Goldberg Returns


The rumor surrounding the potential return of Goldberg is going on for a long time. Each time WWE heads for the main event the rumor takes the center stage but, on each occasion, the news proved to be false. However, the former WWE superstar is scheduled to be in New York City to promote WWE 2K17. Therefore creating a possibility that he could make an appearance at Summerslam. The WWE creative team would largely bank upon a potential WrestleMania match between Goldberg and The Beast. Henceforth, the WWE universe can witness the interference of Goldberg during the Randy Orton v/s Brock Lesnar match.

They Give Up


The clash between John Cena and AJ Styles is heading towards nowhere. It’s kind of an arrow shot in the air without a fixed aim. So, irrespective of the winner of the match they will take out their entire frustration against each other and end the feud. It is high time that both the superstars move on and be part of a title bout. One can expect blood and extreme violence in this match.


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