• Newssummerslam

    5 Possible Game Changers of SummerSlam

    WWE is back with another main event in the form of SummerSlam. And we all know the game-changing ability of this main event. For years WWE has trusted this mid-year main event to form storylines for the remaining part of the year. Here is a brief on five possible game changers for this year’s SummerSlam. The Club Rules There is…

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  • NewsStephen Amell

    Stephen Amell is set to wear Arrow Costume on Summerslam

    Stephen Amell seem to have taken his stint at WWE way too seriously. What began as a Twitter fight with wrestler Stardust, soon turned into an ugly fist fight in the WWE Monday Night Raw. In the upcoming WWE tournament Summer Slam, both Stephen Amell and Stardust will come face to face in the ring, after Stardust got his ass…

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