Pacific Rim 2 is Happening: Here’s What We Know

The wait is over with the coming of this American science fiction, where humanity is at war with Kaiju, the Godzilla-like monster which has emerged from an inter-dimensional portal which lies at the bottom of Pacific Ocean. Controlled by two pilots, Jaegers are created to fight against these monster. Jaegers are mechanical humanoids connected to each other by a neural bridge.



For all those who were not satiated by these Jaegers, well here’s your chance as Director Guillermo del Toro brings to you Pacific Rim 2. The story will continue in the same lines of mankind’s battle against the Godzilla-like monster Kaiju. However, there are some twists and turn expected during the movie.


The storyline as we know picks up from some time after the events of the first film, where we get to see what happens off the Jaegers and their pilots, while the cities cope up from the war. Main characters would be played by Charlie Day’s Dr. Newton Geiszler and Burn Gorman’s Dr. Hermann Gottlieb.


According to Guillermo anyone who’s survived from the movies first part would appear in the second part as well, apart from few new additions. The movie would be produced by Jon Jashni, Mary Parent, and Tomas Tull. The original star cast includes Charlie Hunnam’s Raleigh Beckett, Rinko Kikuchi’s Mako Mori, and Ron Perlman’s Hannibal Chau.



Though the first part of the film did not do great shakes at the box office with a collection of $411 million worldwide, against a budget of $190 million. We expect better results from the second part.


The movie was originally scheduled to release in April 2017, but due to constant delays, the project kept pushing back. With the return of Boyega, son of Idris, the commander of the humans operating the bigger than skyscraper mech suits, we can expect some real fun filled action with the movie hitting the theaters on February 23, 2018.

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