Game of Thrones Season 6: Lady Stoneheart is Coming?


There have always been rumors that Lady Stoneheart from “The Song of Ice and Fire” books may be appearing on the TV show, but it was never really taken seriously. In season 4, GOT fans thought that Catelyn Stark will come back in the form of Lady Stoneheart and avenge her son’s death in the “Red Wedding” but that didn’t happen. In season 5, fans speculated that Sansa’s character may show traces of Lady Stoneheart as she begins to play Game of Thrones, but too bad Petyr Baelish married her to Ramsay Bolton who assaulted her and as a result she had to flee Winterfell.

But with the return of “The Hound” and Uncle Benjen Stark as half White walker, fans are finally wearing a smile and feel quite confident that this time Lady Stoneheart is coming. The Game of Thrones actor Johannes Haukur who played Lem Lemoncloak (one of the Brotherhood without Banners riders) is teasing Lady Stoneheart on his twitter account. In the last episode, the Brotherhood members raided and pillaged the small town, mercilessly killed all the innocent people (including women) except the Hound and hanged Brother Ray (Ian McShane’s character). Brother Ray or Septon Maribald in Book 4 “A Feast for Crows” is a kind of an ex-warrior turned peaceful cult who nursed Sandor Clegane/The Hound back to health.

The Brotherhood without Banners was an outlaw splinter group comprised of 100 soldiers under the command of Ser Beric Dondarrion. It worshipped the Lord of Light and used to fight Lannister rule. They were technically “the good guys” but the way Brother Ray was hung from a tree echoed the style of punishment that Lady Stoneheart would deliver, which basically mean the zombified version of Catelyn Stark controls the Brotherhood now. Maybe it’s time for some Red-wedding revenge.              

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