Game of Thrones: High Sparrow is “secretly” Howland Reed?

In the last season, Cersei Lannister tried to out-maneuver the Tyrells and empowered the faith militant to take down Loras Tyrell and Queen Margery. She thought she scored a massive victory over Tyrells, but soon her past came knocking at her door. Little finger possibly told Queen of Thorns/Lady Olenna about Lancel Lannister and Cersei’s obnoxious relationship leading to her arrest by the same faith culminating in an infamous “Walk of Shame” for atonement purposes. (:/)

High Sparrow is literally the new “power center” at King’s Landing, he is riding on a high horse believing he is the messenger of mighty Gods. He had a brief encounter with Lady Olenna the last season, she threatened him that House Tyrell will cut off food supplies and other essentials which feed the masses and the church will come begging to her. He invoked his holiness and said that “whether it’s sons of high-lords or fishermen, they are all equal in the eyes of the gods”. He further said to her that “the lifetime of wealth and power has left you blinded, you are the few, we are the many”. In this season, he has successfully brainwashed King Tommen as he has banned the practice of “Trial by combat”, the only weapon that Cersei could have used to escape punishment (she has the Zombie Mountain).

The crazy fan theory is HS = HR i.e High Sparrow is doing all this under the guise of Howland Reed (the Lord of Greywater watch, father of Mira & Jojen Reed), the guy who accompanied Lord Eddard Stark to rescue Lyanna Stark from the Tower of Joy where she was kept by Prince Rhaegar Targaryen. He is the last surviving person who knows R+L = J. The High Sparrow has a striking physical resemblance to Howland Reed, according to book lovers. In fact, George R.R Martin said that Howland will return eventually. This season Uncle Benjen Stark has returned to protect Bran from the White Walkers. Could another Stark loyalist be revealed in the finale?


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