Doctor Strange 2: Here’s Why the Accent of Scarlet Witch Will Change

WandaVision premiered on Disney+ in January. It changed the concept of sitcom entirely. The show was a clear success and a trendsetter. While setting the tone for Marvel’s Phase 4, the show also sets many characters. We finally got to see Scarlet Witch. Other than that, we got to see White Vision, Agatha Harkness, Billy, and Tommy. But one concept really missed out on in the show, and that was the accent of Scarlet Witch. Well, Elizabeth Olsen has revealed that the accent of Scarlet Witch will return!

Accent Of Scarlet Witch Will Return In Doctor Strange 2

Wanda first debuted in Avengers: Age of Ultron. After six years, she was introduced as the Scarlet Witch in WandaVision. Speaking with Rolling Stone, Olsen shared some insight into Wanda’s accent. has developed across her appearances. She noted the accent change “started with Civil War.”

So that started with Civil War. The Russos [directors Anthony and Joseph Russo] said, “Can she just have a softer accent, because she’s been in America, and has to have been speaking English more.” So I was like, sure.

So now we know that Wanda’s accent has developed across her appearances. As claimed by her, her accent development started with Civil War. But that is not for the accent of Scarlet Witch. We know that Elizabeth Olsen is set to appear in Doctor Strange 2 next to Benedict Cumberbatch. As she continued sharing information, she made it clear the accent of Scarlet Witch will return in Doctor Strange 2. She said:

I do have to say that in [Wanda’s next appearance, in 2022’s] Dr. Strange [in the Multiverse of Madness], after the experience she has in WandaVision, she goes back to an accent that’s more true to her. Now that I feel a little bit more ownership of the character, I feel like she does retreat back to having this more honest expression.

Why Is Wanda’s Accent Necessary For The Character

WandaVision did treat the acceptance of accent very elegantly. It was not like the show eliminated the fact that she has a different accent altogether. Wanda kept switching accents from time to time. This underlined the difference between the sitcom fantasy created by the Scarlet Witch and reality. We saw her original accent come back from time to time. For example when she first met Pietro, or when she faced Director Hayward for the first time.

Elizabeth Olsen is all set to rocket the character in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. With the return of the accent of Scarlet Witch and her confirmed appearance in Doctor Strange 2, I believe that the movie will truly show Wanda for who she is. Marvel can now easily focus on her abilities, her motives, and character development.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Magic releases on March 25, 2022. What are your thoughts upon the change in the accent of Scarlet Witch? Let us know in the comments.

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