Game of Thrones Season Finale: It’s Time to Reveal The Biggest Mystery!

In the finale preview of Game of Thrones, we see visuals of Bran Stark and a White Raven approaching the North possibly carrying a critical piece of information about the movement of White Walkers. We will see another set of Bran’s visions which will connect the dots and help him understand White Walkers better and ways to defeat them. I think the time is ripe for the show to confirm popular fan theory R+L= J, as no one would care beyond this season.

In the episode titled ‘Oathbreaker’, the show-makers fell short of making a startling revelation about Jon Snow’s parents. There is a famous fan theory called as R+L = J which basically mean that Jon Snow is not Lord Eddard Stark’s son, instead, he is an offspring of Lyanna Stark (Ned Stark’s sister) and Prince Rhaegar Targaryen (Mad King’s son). In the entire season 1, Lord Eddard Stark has pretended to his wife Catelyn that Jon Snow is his bastard son which he had during his military adventures. He was actually hiding Jon’s true identity for a reason (no one knows that yet).

We know about the Bran’s time travel powers, and ability to even influence past events. There is a crazy fan theory which suggests that Bran whispered into the ears of Mad King and caused Robert’s rebellion. Putting conspiracy theories aside, we saw as Bran tried to go inside the Tower of Joy to discover the truth, he was interrupted by three-eyed raven and the next thing he knows he woke up under a tree. Hence, we couldn’t see if Jon Snow is indeed Lyanna Stark’s son, and why did she force Ned Stark to protect this secret?

Clearly, Jon Snow has a higher purpose in life, that’s the reason he has been brought back by the Lord of Light. There is an old prophecy written in old Valyrian which says that “there is a prince who was promised”. Lady Melisandre believes it’s Jon Snow she saw in the flames, not the Stannis Baratheon.


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