5 Facts You May Not Know About X-Men Villain Apocalypse

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Oscar Isaac portrayed Apocalypse in X-MEN Apocalypse (2016). He is on #24 of the greatest comic book villains of all time. Here is more on the arch-enemy of the X-MEN:

Apocalypse Is The First Mutant Ever:

If you ever thought that Professor X or Magneto or any other mutant you have seen till now was the first mutant then you are terribly wrong. Apocalypse is the first ever mutant who is believed to have been born in Egypt almost 5000 years ago. Surprising right?

“Apocalypse” Is Not His Real Name:

He may often be addressed as Apocalypse. But if you thought that was his real name then again you stand corrected. His real name is En Sabah Nur. Wondering what it means? It literally means ‘The First One.’ Now it suddenly everything makes sense right!

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