3 Famous Movie Scenes That Pissed Directors

The filmmaking is time-consuming process than shooting for television shows. And varying shooting schedules of actors is another complex knot which is quite hard to untangle during the production process. Moreover, films can come to halt as they still have to put the last puzzle in the film and nobody knows a perfect time to shoot that. Here we are talking about some of the movie scenes you did not know that took a long time. It’s like forever.

 1) The Usual Suspects

THE USUAL SUSPECTS, Kevin Pollak, Stephen Baldwin, Benico Del Toro, Gabriel Byrne, 1995, (c) Gramercy Pictures

There was one scene that pissed off the director and the whole team in this 1995’s The Usual Suspect. The scene shows a line up of titular suspects who were supposed to say same words. Due to weird action takes, actors laughing and goofing around, the scene was shot several times. Actors Stephen Baldwin, Kevin Pollack and Benecio Del Toro was grinning and could not able to put a straight face.

2) Spider-Man


Spider-Man is no doubt one of the best comic book movies ever which debut with a huge traction from around the world. Tobey Maguire;s portrays of Peter Parker was phenomenal. He shows off his spider abilities when Marie Jane slips in the cafeteria losing his food tray, he manages to hold Jane from falling and catches every item that Jane carried with her. Well, there were no social effects used to shoot it. The scene was shot numerous times until Maguire catches all the items perfectly.

3) Daredevil

screen-shot-1938-07-27-at-1-06-18-pm scenes movie

If we look at 2004’ Daredevil film, it seems like the Netflix series gives an impression of being more darker than the film. The series is filled with action-flips with a darker impression showing a great typical choreography. But there is one scene was so convoluted and took a long time than other fighting scenes. The scene where Daredevil combats with several adversaries in a hallway was shot after 12 takes which took a whole day.

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