The Big Bang Theory Cast – Then & Now

Did it really start with the Big Bang??

 The Big Bang Theory has been overwhelming our hearts and TV screens from 2007 but would you trust me when I say that long before when Cuoco, Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons and Junk Nayyar as their characters, Penny, Leonard, Sheldon, and Raj metered fame and accomplishment from The Big Bang Theory, they and their delightfully nerdy group were working hard and diligently before the show’s brilliant achievement.

Here’s a glance at the cast of The Big Bang Theory in some of their earliest looks, while also looking what the cast did before they landed on this cute TV sitcom The Big Bang Theory.

Jim Parsons aka Sheldon Cooper

Jim’s first TV appearance in ED was a stroll on part in comedy series. Jim Parsons did not always appear as Sheldon Cooper, prior to that, he used to work in advertisements. Before Jim Parsons got to be Sheldon Cooper, he acted as a theater artist in Off-Broadway while appearing up in a few TV plugs. However, he’s has had that creepy and goofy appearance since his childhood. Like some of his co-stars, Jim Parsons didn’t get much of work before he was on TBBT. Parsons was keen on acting since he was 6, however, he didn’t pick up fame until his 30s. He got his start in TV as a court representative cum clerk in the last season of the CBS legal drama show, The Judging Amy. He did minor roles in various other shows and needles to mention in Zach Braff’s movie The Garden State.

 Simon Helberg aka Howard Wolowitz

Simon Helberg performed with the legendary comedian Derek Waters in Derek and Simon a parody, after he graduated from Tisch School of Arts, NY. He did various minor roles in some of the very big films, like Old School and Van Wilder to name a few. Simon was not yet praised and so played an unpleasant role of a creepy guy who desperately needed to date Hilary in “A Cinderella Story”. Helberg’s greatest TV venture before TBBT was the sitcom Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, as Alex Dwyer who aces Tom Cruise and Nicholas Cage impressions. It was a show about what happens off camera and behind the scenes of a live comedy show.

He’s additionally appeared in Reno 911! MADtv, and Matt LeBlanc’s Friends spinoff Joey.

Kunal Nayyar aka Raj Koothrappali

Kunal Nayyar was as a theater artist and gave his first appearance in a movie names S.C.I.E.N.C.E in the year 2004. He also scripted and performed a few plays before joining in TBBT as Raj. He was additionally a minor part as a hefty terrorist in one of the episodes of NCIS.

Kaley Cuoco aka Penny

Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting uses to play tennis before she took up acting. At the age of 11, Kaley played a young adaptation of Ellen DeGeneres in a flashback sequel on an episode of Ellen’s sitcom. Kaley garnered tremendous praise and accomplishment in John Ritter’s, 8 Simple Rules. But did you know she showed up as Angela Chase in her first TV show – My So Called Life featuring Jared Leto and Claire Danes. Kaley’s excursion as a performing artist began with the film Virtuosity in which she appeared as Karin Carter. She was quite often seen in sitcoms like Ladies Man and movies including Growing Up Brady and Alley Cats Strike before TBBT happened.

Johnny Galecki aka Leonard Hofstadter

Before he was acclaimed as Leonard Hofstadter in TBBT, the world knew him as David Healy from Roseanne starring Sara Gilbert, playing Darlene’s artistically inclined and well-mannered boyfriend. He also dated Sara Gilbert.  After his debt the film Murder Ordained, Johnny went ahead to do different movies and sitcoms. He was on the TV show Billy as David MacGregor and even before that, he was Danny Nash on American Dreamer, a short-lived parody that aired on NBC. He does have some worthy movie and TV appearances credited to his name. His most acclaimed character being David Healy in Roseanne. His different TV appearances include Twins, Welcome to New York, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Bounce and Vanilla Sky.

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