Legends of Tomorrow: Who is Rex Tyler and what’s in store for Season 2?

Patrick J. Adams a.k.a Mike Ross from USA network “SUITS” was teased to appear on Legends of Tomorrow finale, the studio said that he will be playing a hero boasting “a mysterious past and equally mysterious agenda”. He was described as “a beloved superhero from the DC canon,” the character who will provide a solid punch for Season 1 finale and kick off a major storyline for Season 2, where he will recur in a number of episodes.

rex tyler

The internet has been rife with speculation for weeks about the possible identity of the DC superhero that he will be playing, many fans were pointing towards Booster Gold (a time traveler, father of Rip Hunter) but he was soon ruled out. Guess what, he is none other than Rex Tyler from Justice Society of America (JSA was the first major DC Comic written by Geoff Johns). He is also the valued member of All-Squad Squadron. He was raised in upstate New York, had an extreme fondness for sciences, discovered a path-breaking chemical called Miraclo (somewhat similar to a Velocity-9 drug), became the superhero but he could use his superhero abilities only for an hour. He is also sometimes called “Hourman”. Moreover, there are three different versions of Hourman in comics – Rex Tyler (Patrick J. Adams in LOT), Rick Tyler and Mathew Tyler. And by the way, CW was planning a separate TV series on Hourman but it never took off.

In the episode that Savage sought to erase time altogether by mixing three different meteorites with Kendra and Carter blood (it powers the thanagarian technology) across three different timelines, hence destroying earth three different times, instead, Team Carter defeated Vandal Savage and killed him three times. The biggest question is how will Rex Tyler move the narrative forward in season 2? He has actually been brought in to tie the four different storylines leading to a mega crossover of Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow.


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