6 Things Bound to Happen when an Introvert is Put in an Extrovert Situation


Sitting right in between of a lot of people, you still feel extremely secluded. The food you love, however big a foodie you might be, also doesn’t let you be yourself. Even that isn’t an escape. That too proves to you how lonely and secluded you are, at that moment.


Anger and Anguish:

Anger and Anguish

You suddenly begin to blame the people who are the reason why you are stuck in such situations. You don’t realise when that blame turns into flames of anger and anguish. You begin to feel agitated and irritated. That comes out as anger later.

The desire to get out of the place:

the place


Even when the most favorite of your songs are up there on the Dance floor, your feet still don’t feel that groove. The beats being felt right in the chest, still don’t make you happy. The certain emotion you feel is of being helpless for the songs you extremely love to groove on, don’t excite you at all anymore.

Being teary-eyed:

Being teary-eyed


While you sit where you have to, there comes a time when you are not able to get all that anger out of your system and you start to realise that your eyes begin ti get moist. You start feeling as if you’re about to cry. Whilst you can’t, it begins to feel harder. As though you would just burst in a few seconds. Being in the middle of a crowd, that feeling is more of a tranquillizer to the situation and worsens it up.


Talking rude:

 Talking rude


As we begin to blame others, we end up being rude to them. There comes a point where, regardless of whether we know the individual or not, we start talking rudely to them. It’s weird but that’s what happens. That is the way we end up letting our anger out.



Certain sorts of fears start haunting our minds. Uncertainties, doubts, questions, and complexes attack the brain. All of them transform into one or the other kind of fear. Either it comes up as inferiority complexes in any sense possible, or at other times, aggressive ones where that fear takes over our mind and it’s actions.


All of the feelings are summed up by one thing, named as Alienation. This alienation can sometimes prove to be extremely harmful, however, at some points, it can also prove to be highly productive. One must which path to choose.



Shubhrika Dogra

Shubhrika is an emotional person and portrays that in her words. She is a coffee lover and hence an intrigued writer. She loves to play with words and twist them as much as she can, that is her way of writing. But mostly, she loves creating suspense in her writing. She would never let the real story come out until the last part of her writings. Writing is her life and her heartbeat.
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