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    The Challenges Faced by an Introvert

    This weekend, I could have gone out somewhere. Maybe to the trip that my office friends had been planning since the last two weeks. Enticing? No doubt. But then also, I didn’t go out.  I knew about the trip all week. Marked it on my calendar and I said to myself that I am going to go. In anticipation, I…

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    6 Things Bound to Happen when an Introvert is Put in an Extrovert Situation

    Seclusiveness: Sitting right in between of a lot of people, you still feel extremely secluded. The food you love, however big a foodie you might be, also doesn’t let you be yourself. Even that isn’t an escape. That too proves to you how lonely and secluded you are, at that moment. Anger and Anguish: You suddenly begin to blame the…

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