Captain America Civil War: Is Spiderman the Potential Game Changer?

Captain America Civil War Spider-Man:

Marvel Studios just released a mind-blowing teaser TV spot of the upcoming Civil war movie where Spiderman stops the punch of Winter soldier and joke about the fact that he has a metallic arm. Last time also fans literally freaked out when Spider-Man took away Captain America’s shield and people saw where his allegiance lie for the first time. According to credible sources Tom Holland as Spiderman has totally nailed it in Captain America Civil War even though he has a brief role in the movie. In the test screenings, the audience is describing it as a “superhero-horror” film i.e it’s so difficult to choose sides that it becomes an emotional horror marathon. Further, they call Bucky and Falcon as the two girlfriends of Steve Rogers, since they share closest relationship with him.

Spider-man first appeared in MCU in Civil War
Spider-man first appeared in MCU in Civil War

It’s in the public domain now that Marvel Studios and Sony are collaborating on launching a new Spiderman franchise, although the creative input for Spiderman in the Civil war movie comes from Kevin Feige & his team, Sony still owns the character and have an important role to play in shaping up the new version of Spiderman. Tom Holland has been very excited about the role, giving interviews, attending press junkets to promote the movie. He said in an interview that he has seen the Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield portrayals of Spiderman and have learnt a lot about the character. He would’nt be part of the origin story onscreen like his predecessors, but still he has managed to bring child-like energy particularly when he said to Captain America – “I am a Big fan of you” even when he is fighting with Team Ironman. Can he eventually switch sides and join Team Cap? It’s not such an impossible scenario as there is a comic-book precedent when this actually happened. Well…the wait will be over in a week…CHEERS…

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