Arrow Season 4: Who is Dying in the Next Episode?

The promos of the latest episode of Arrow Season 4 “Eleven-Fifty Nine” suggest the end of something. Now, we all Arrow fans know what that means. We knew this was coming. Now the question at hand is who is it that is dying?

After 17 episodes of Damien Darhk rising to power and then falling to nothingness has brought down the equation to only two people. Yes, 99% only these two members of Team Arrow could possibly die. This isn’t Game of Thrones, so do not expect a “Ned Stark” type shocker. But if the showrunners want to show some audacity can they kill of Thea Queen? What would be more shocking then taking Oliver’s sister? But taking into account all the evidence we have from previous episodes this is highly unlikely. Here are a few instances which suggest either it is Captain Lance or John Diggle dying in Arrow Season 4:


Barry at the Funeral

Now Barry Allen is acquainted with both Captain Lance and Diggle. Recently in an episode of The Flash, Barry helped Diggle catch King Shark and whenever Barry has visited Star City he has been helped by Captain Lance. Remember Season 2 Episode 14? Barry was first introduced as a Crime Scene Unit Investigator to SCPD. So, Barry being at the funeral suggests, either of the two could be in the grave.

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