6 Reasons Why ERICH SEGAL is Extremely Underrated

Most readers mispronounce his name

Well, not knowing the name of a few personalities is perfectly all right, after all, we’re all humans. However, someone who’s given beautiful words to read, beautiful moments to imagine, beautiful situations to understand and even more astonishing pieces of literature to wonder about, deserves to be called by the name he owns. It really infuriates me that probably, we as a generation, undermine the deep thoughts and inculcating knowledge of a LEGEND, as I must call him.


People often feel that he is a long-gone writer

Agreed to the point that he started his career as a novelist and writer back in the sixties, however, it isn’t really true that it’s been too long that he died. Not too long ago but 2010 was the year when we lost an author like him. It’s a shame that we don’t know about the lives of the people we love. If we don’t so much, love them, it still isn’t any of our rights to assume someone’s life, incorrectly.


The best works of him haven’t been so much as appreciated

Agreed upon that ‘LOVE STORY’ is a beautifully written piece of art, if went into the depth of and understood by different and original perspectives. Also, that it feels great to see the appreciation landing for it, however, that being one of the very few books that were converted into films and are mentioned about is a mere injustice. An author gives his/her heart and soul to their work. It turns out that a few pieces are better than the others, but why deal that way with the better ones? As so happens, there exists a sequel to the well known and loved novel LOVE STORY, called as OLIVER’S STORY. It’s rather weird that half his readers do not even have it in their knowledge that there exists a story beyond the last page.


Into existence, a few works by him don’t exist in the knowledge of most people

We as readers, at one point or the other, find a certain author to be our favorite. That happens by nothing but by a single book we read and fall in love with. Erich Segal is one such author. Any book, you read, will make you fall in love with him, however, one must realize that finding a book different is the job of our own perceptions, not that of the author. Every author has something or the other put in a book. We must learn to appreciate that. Speaking of which, amazing works such as ONLY LOVE, are not even known to have been written by most people who know how beautifully he writes. The film industry, with which he’s worked for years, giving great scripts to them, has failed to recognize this book altogether. It’s a shame to say that we are avid readers when we don’t even have enough knowledge.


His contribution to the world of literature isn’t counted as the sort it should be

The world of literature is rather evil. It classifies books into genres, which is necessary. But, it also classifies books into types of acceptance, which is cruel. Shakespeare’s plays or sonnets are certainly considered the best pieces ever. Those Jane Austen are known to be the texts we read in our classrooms. Virginia Woolf turns out to be one such author whom our education system concerns enough to. Charles Dickens has certainly been a part of literature that is meant to be read with purpose but authors like Erich Segal are left into the genre of FICTION and significantly, forgotten.


The lives we wish to read do not include his name

Coming across a great book containing at least the lives of two-hundred-ninety novelists was such a miracle, however, when going through the contents, not finding Erich Segal’s name in it was certainly the most horrible thing ever happened to me. Turned out, what I had been looking forward to the entire day, was a book I didn’t even want to touch anymore. Legends must be remembered. This isn’t something I ask for as an avid reader but something I demand as a human being, extremely dedicated to the world of novels.


Authors seem to have lost their aura in today’s world. So does story-telling. The emerging authors all across the globe, write nothing but non-sense. It doesn’t hurt me to say this as much as it hurts me to realize this that it’s utterly disrespectful to our childhoods, where we’ve slept listening to stories by our grandmothers, our present, where we all wish to create great stories out of our lives and our future, where we believe, we would be remembered as legends from great stories. We must enlighten the authors who really give us something to learn from while we read those words.


Shubhrika Dogra

Shubhrika is an emotional person and portrays that in her words. She is a coffee lover and hence an intrigued writer. She loves to play with words and twist them as much as she can, that is her way of writing. But mostly, she loves creating suspense in her writing. She would never let the real story come out until the last part of her writings. Writing is her life and her heartbeat.
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