Is Annalise Keating the Best Black Female lead on Television?

Annalise Keating played by Viola Davis is perhaps the best black female lead that television had ever seen. Get a taste of “How To Get Away With Murder” and you will definitely be convinced. Only Jessica Pearson from Suits could come close to her in terms of the intensity of performance.


Here are the reasons:


Bold, Brave and Beautiful:

Annalise Keating also called as Professor Keating is one of a kind. She is a criminal defense attorney who does not care if her clients are innocent or guilty. Her only motive is to ‘win’ every case. She goes to any extent to win a case. In one of the very first cases she even sabotages her secret love life to win a case. This woman is unstoppable. Every move that she takes, be it inside the courtroom, classroom or in her house shows her boldness. She is in simple terms, braveness personified.

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