4 Reasons Why the Walking Dead Season Six Will Be the Most Intense


[tps_header]The Walking Dead is definitely one of the most intriguing and most watched programs on TV. It boasts of high ratings and a large number of viewers across the globe. It’s based on a series of comic books written by Robert Kirkman featuring unique moral dilemmas of different characters while creating a balance between development of character and relationships as affected by violence, hopelessness and zombies. However, of all its five seasons premiered, The Walking Dead season six will be the most intense because of the following reasons:[/tps_header] [tps_title]Characters[/tps_title]


One of the reasons why season six is the most intense is because of the characters who are going to be introduced. For one, the massively talented Lennie James, who plays the character of Morgan comes back in this season to play a bigger role unlike in season five where he appears in the first and final episodes. Morgan has been in demand since his character is really intriguing, hence has a lot of fans. Morgan and Rick have been friends in the previous seasons but there will be tension between them in season six.


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