3 Possible Endings of Shane-Taker Match at Wrestle Mania

The all crucial match of the main event is confirmed and has a lot at stake. This is one match where everybody’s heart and mind has different winners. But WWE never fails to surprise and wrestle mania bouts are never easy. Moreover, it was speculated that Undertaker will retire after this wrestle mania and with Vince’s new stipulation for the match is a hint towards Shane winning. So here is three possible ending that is quite logical.

Interference of Linda McMahon

Yes, she had done it several times. Previously she had headlined few storylines and her stepping down from the CEO post was the reason for her son’s leaving the family business. So mother’s visit after son’s surprise comeback is an obvious possibility. With Vince denoting Undertaker as his bitch week after week it is evident that he along with his daughter will come out and cheer Undertaker. Then Linda can make a surprise entry and ask her husband to stop the match. A quarrel is bound to follow and Shane might take advantage of the situation and pin Undertaker. Or Linda may be the first one to enter and order Undertaker to leave her son, which would bring out the other two McMahons and lead to the same.

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