3 Possible Endings of Shane-Taker Match at Wrestle Mania

 Shane fighting down the Undertaker

Possible Endings of Shane-Taker
Possible Endings of Shane-Taker

Well, no matter what and who the opponent is one cannot strike out Shane’s name from the list. He has proved that he can undergo extreme situations for winning. He has done it with big names like Kurt Angle and Kane. To be honest this man is nothing less than a lunatic. And now that his life’s only dream is just a win away, he will give his everything for sure. He is a wrestler with brain and guts, which indeed is a deadly combination. So he can win it without any outside interference. The Undertaker might try to give a chokeslam from the top of the cage, but Shane has the ability to escape such situations and turn them into his advantage. Therefore, no way this match is a one-way battle.

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