5 Superstars Who Have Shockingly Defeated The Undertaker

Many WWE superstars have beaten The Deadman. Yes, we are talking about The Undertaker. But here are some of the superstars who’ve beaten him and these are shocking ones!

1. Goldust


This match took place back in 1996 which was supposed to be a casket match for the Intercontinental championship. In this match, Goldust gained an upper hand by stuffing the dead man inside a coffin with the help of Mankind. The Phenom ultimately got his retribution.

2. The Great Khali

WWE Smackdown Superstar Undertaker and Great Khali (standing) deliver action-packed programming 52 weeks a year in FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN! on The CW. Photo: Mike Groll/WWE. © 2006 World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

When The Great Khali debut in April 2006, his size at everyone was at loss for words. Even in front of a giant like the dead man, Khali set his sites on the dead man knocking him out of action. Undertaker had been rendered in the match. No one had ever seen anyone dominating the phenom like that. The Great Khali ended the match by delivering a big boot right to the face of the undertaker and he also pinned him insult fully by keeping placing his foot feet on his chest.

3. Vladimir Kozlov


Vladimir Kozlov entered WWE in 2008 with his own incredible wwe streak after running through nearly every Smackdown the superstar. He stunned the undertaker in February 2009 by reversing his Old School Move scoring a pinfall victory. Two weeks later, however, the undertaker gave him the first defeat.

4. Matt Hardy


Matt and Jeff Hardy are the only brothers with separate pinfall victories over the undertaker. Both are huge accomplishments but matt’s victory came early in the singles career. With the help of Brock Lesnar, Matt hardy won and pinned him in an anywhere falls count match in 2002.

5. Maven Huffman


It is only a matter of minutes when the undertaker got his payback on maven at the 2002 royal rumble. Unfortunately for the dead man this rivalry was not over. Undertaker lost the hardcore championship to the original tough enough winner weeks later.

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