20 Super-Villains vs The Avengers and Justice League: Who Would Win And Why?

There are a lot of nasty super-villains that do a lot of bad stuff, and then there are these guys who are the limit to evil. Be it killing millions or wreaking havoc in more than one countries these are some super-villains that just don’t know when to stop. These overpowered super-villains are brutally powerful.

Now just imagine what would happen when all the Justice League and the Avengers come together as one unit and these villains come together as one unit. The superheroes don’t even stand a chance. Here is a list of 20 of those super-villains who would make the league and the Avengers shit their pants:

Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom is someone who is more of a magician than even a scientist. The guy gets all that he wants. Not just that he’s someone who is really intelligent and his intellect would easily surpass Lex’s intellect, who has almost taken down the Man of Steel.

Using science and his mystic knowledge he has also built his own country. He also has control over time.


Darkseid’s actual name was Prince Uxas, who planned to take control of his world, Apokolips and kill his brother, he succeeded in doing both and more than that, absorbed his brother’s Omega level powers and came into being as a rock-skinned God.

He is very powerful and has powers such as telekinesis, omnipotence, time travel etc. Also his Omega Beam never misses its target. With all this, he’s destroyed a number of planets.



Ultron, a creation of Hank Pym, proved he is there to conquer mankind when he deleted the memory of his being for the mind of his creator itself. ‘Infinity’ would be the word to define the ever-growing power of the artificial intelligence.

It always has been an almost dreadful task for the Avengers to combat him.


He from the planet Maltus, the planet from where even the Guardians are. He was a scientist who was very fascinated by the creation of the universe & wanted to go back in time and see the Big Bang with his own eyes. He does this and because of his invention’s explosion multiple universes were created and parallel dimensions too. Not just this he is also responsible for the creation of the Anti-monitor.


And the top honor has to go to none other than Galactus! Feared across the universe as the “Devourer of world”, Galactus maintains his existence by devouring planets with the potential to support life. Galactus has obliterated entire civilizations on many occasions and also has shown the ability to even overcome Odin and the Celestials.

Galactus, a nearly omnipotent immortal being, was literally taking on every one of earth’s heroes who united to incapacitate what was conceived as the greatest threat in the Marvel Universe. Also in a crossover story with DC Universe, Galactus was completely unfazed by the Omega Beams from Darkseid, who was revered to be the strongest DC supervillain.


Among all the super-villains of the DC Universe, Anti-Monitor might very well be the one with the most ruthless bloodlust having been directly responsible for more deaths than any other known DC super-villains.

Anti-monitor was so incredibly overpowering, that he disposes of Supergirl almost effortlessly. Moreover, Anti-monitor has the power to hold his against the multiverse’s strongest heroes simultaneously. But the crowning achievement of Anti-Monitor would be that he was responsible for the death of Barry Allen, the hero better known as the Flash.


Thanos is a mad cosmic powered titan, obsessed with death and when armed with his beloved Infinity Gauntlet and with the personification of Death at his side, he could wreak havoc on enormous scales.

The Infinity Gauntlet series tops all of Thanos’ battles wherein he obtains all 6 Infinity Gems and while wielding ungodly powers he wipes out half of the universe in an attempt to please mistress Death. Even when all of the surviving heroes united to disarm Thanos, he completely massacres them without breaking a sweat though he eventually succumbs via his own insecurities and ego.


He is an extra-dimensional demon, who had a lot of children, all killed by their mothers in order to stop Trigon’s evil prowess to increase and his rise to other dimensions. Raven survived though, and he used her in order to take control of Earth, but failed.



Pallarax is a malevolent cosmic entity that embodies fear and exerts mind-controlling powers strong enough to frighten the mightiest of DC heroes.

Parallax has no true physical form of its own; it generally changes into forms that will instill fear in its victims. Its powers also include large-scale alteration, control over the flow of time and could drive entire planet’s civilizations into paranoia and create fear.

Green Goblin

Green Goblin, though became infamous for being spider man’s biggest adversary but Norman Osborn has ever been expanding his ferocity to magnanimous heights, creating fright amongst a much larger population now.

His alter ego has been unleashing its malicious demons unstoppable.


Apocalypse is one of the oldest mutants in the Marvel Universe, born with a multitude of superhuman abilities and transcended to even higher levels after augmenting himself with Celestial technology.

Over the years, Apocalypse has agonized X-men and the Avengers with his quest for ultimate power and believed that only the strong should be allowed to survive. In the X-Men Evolution series, it takes all the X-Men as well as Magneto and his band of mutants in order to defeat the all mighty Apocalypse. He has proven to be by far the X-Men’s toughest adversary in history.

Dark Phoenix

The Phoenix Force is an immortal, indestructible, and mutable manifestation of the prime universal force of life. So when the Phoenix Force entered Jean Grey she became a pure unadulterated manifestation of rage, justice, and death.

Dark Phoenix is so terrifying that the Shi’ar Imperial Guard had to resort to destroying the whole solar system in hopes of eliminating the Dark Phoenix in the process, though Jean decides to sacrifice herself in the end.


Ares is one of Wonder Woman fiercest enemies and not just that is also the God of War. Well, let’s just take into consideration that how many was has been raised on earth and how much bloodshed has spread.

These all are doing of Ares and he has an endless desire for wars because if there are no more was he will no longer exist.


Mephisto is the Devil of the Marvel Universe, someone who even warped the reality a number of times. Remember him killing off Peter and MJ’s marriage? Yeah, he is that strong.

Apart from that too, he has created a lot of problems for the Avengers, we doubt even if the Justice League come into action, it would make a difference.

Superboy Prime

He was meant to be a superhero but after the crisis on infinite earth storyline his universe was obliterated because of this he was located on Earth Prime but he always had the urge to be Superman and because of that he became restless and began punching barriers of reality, due to this many retcons and resurrections throughout this is post-crisis history were explained.

Not just that after this he was on killing many  Green lanterns and also the post-crisis Superboy. He was also responsible for the war between Thanagar and Rann.


Magneto sure had to be on this list. No, we ain’t talking about him being Onslaught, that’s reserved for another point, but Magneto himself is pretty dangerous.

Be it when he was leading both the Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants as well as the X-Men or when it was all his manipulation in the House of M storyline. Be it in powers or in manipulation, Magneto always has the upper hand on his enemies.


This guy is Marvel’s Superman, but stronger. Superman would almost go toe to toe with him but eventually be defeated. Also, he doesn’t have any Kryptonite kind of weakness.

With his strength, super speed and the best power, his regenerative capabilities he would be a great asset to the villainous team.


This is not even a fair fight. Dormammu is a fucking God. He is the Lord of the Dark Dimension, who whenever comes into the real world, he reeks havoc, the League, and the Avengers would all be dead, easily.

Remember the time when he made someone as powerful as Doctor Strange to actually explode from the inside?

The Beyonder

The Beyonder is someone who actually pulls the strings. He will be someone who doesn’t just defeat the Justice League and the Avengers but will not do much by himself as he’d make them fight each other, or use other super-villains to do this. While breaking no sweat, whatsoever, this guy will take on all of them together.


We all know what happened when Magneto and Xavier became one. Worse, there is no Frank Richards to save the DC and Marvel heroes. Not just his psychic attacks but also his physical prowess are stunning, allowing him to easily take on both the greatest teams in their own universes together.

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