2 Reasons Why Becky Lynch Should Be The New Diva’s Champion

Why Becky Lynch Should Be New Diva’s Champion:

Wrestle mania 32 marks the triple threat match for the diva’s champion. Sasha Banks steps in the match beside Charlotte and Becky. It was declared that WWE is looking for a revolution in the diva’s segment and they are moving ahead quite nicely. Let’s look at two reasons why Becky should be the winner of the match.

  • The last time she fought for the championship Ric Flair interrupted and caused her the match. Nevertheless, a loss is a loss and she too has moved on and challenged the champ again. However, this time, there is an extra addition in the match, which is Sasha Bank. With all due respect to the two divas, one must admit that Becky is by far the most deserving among them all. Night after night she has proved it. She has the mix of perfect entertainer and fighter. Moreover, she is no daddy’s daughter on the microphone. She has got courage and speaks her heart out every time. She will form a great champion and might set a benchmark for the upcoming generation.
Why Becky Lynch Should Be New Diva’s Champion
Why Becky Lynch Should Be New Diva’s Champion
  • The champion has no true friend; this is the thumb rule in WWE. At wrestle mania, Sasha and Becky are bound to join hands against Charlotte and then fight out the champion between them. Sasha too has her issues with Charlotte. It will be interesting to see if Becky wins the title what takes place next. The championship matches won’t end, but the opponents are sure to increase. The most fascinating of them all will be to see whether Charlotte manages any friend back. Right now she has no one beside her except her Dad. Sasha too will thrive for another shot at the title. The WWE universe very well knows that wrestle mania is the stage where champions are changed. So let’s just hope that Becky gets hold of her dream.


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