Should There Be Lazarus Pit in Westeros?


It’s been five seasons of Game of Thrones, and we have lost many of our beloved characters since it began in the year 2011. In the debut season itself, the show-makers beheaded the central character of the series – Lord Eddard Stark leaving us fans particularly House Stark cheerleaders shell shocked and aghast at the audacity of D&D.

It was truly a spectacle in the history of television to be able to pull that off in the very first season. In the subsequent seasons, many important characters died horribly, including some good men and women who lost their lives as they fell victim to someone’s treachery and betrayal.

In shows like Arrow on CW network, there is something called Lazarus pit situated at Nanda Parbat which help resurrect the dead. Should something like that exist in Game of Thrones universe? Of course, there is Melisandre who can revive the dead through her knowledge of mysticism.

But, if George RR Martin had imagined holy waters like Lazarus Pit which can bring people back from the dead, it would have given show-makers much leeway and ability to surprise audiences.

Here is a list of characters that GOT fans will die for to see them again onscreen.


Lord Eddard Stark:

There isn’t a single soul who watch Game of thrones and didn’t mourn Ned Stark’s death. He was the most honorable Knight in Westeros who got caught in the crosshairs of power play at King’s landing and consequently paid the price for sticking to his principles of honor and loyalty. House Stark loyalists among GOT fan community will be thrilled to see him once again as he represented the force for good.


Jon Snow


He is the most adorable character of Game of Thrones, millions of girls swoon over his style mantra and dream about dating him. When he was repeatedly stabbed by his own fellow-men, the entire fan community was left bleeding. Although, he is likely to come back but it’s still not absolutely clear.


Robb Stark & Caitlyn Stark

If Lord Eddard Stark’s death wasn’t enough, his wife & son were murdered by Boltons & Freys at the behest of Lannisters in a brutal act namely “Red Wedding”.


Shireen Baratheon

She was an innocent girl who had her entire life in front of her, but she was burnt alive by her father, who was brainwashed by Melisandre into believing that by sacrificing her, he could turn the tide in his favor and capture Winterfell, but the plan spectacularly failed.


Barristan Selmy


He is sometimes called Barristan the Bold, he was Lord of the Kingsguard of Robert Baratheon, regarded as the finest swordsman in the entire realm. He joined forces with Daenerys Targaryen and died fighting a bunch of “Sons of the Harpy.” He is still alive in books, it would have been better if he had stayed for a little longer.


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