4 Rising Indian Comedians

Biswa Kalyan Rath


You may know him from his pretentious movie reviews which he created alongside Kanan Gill. The reviews had many focused solely on Kanan and his looks. But once you see Biswa out of Kanan’s shadow, you realize his sense of humour is quite brilliant.

His stand up videos include topics such as extroverts, festivals in India, how everyone has been taught to make the same scenery, and much more. He recently started uploading his stand up videos on Youtube and already has a large number of subscribers.

Kenneth Sabastian


Super adorable and hilarious, Kenneth or Kenny as he likes to be called, is another comedian on the rise. He makes short sketches and even had an improv show on comedy central called ‘the living room’.

Like the others, he too performs standup.  His hour long stand up show ‘Journey to the center of my brain’ left my friends and me in splits. He covers topics such as biology in class 8, apologizing in a relationship, middle class families, and more.

Aditi Mittal


Bold, unafraid, in-your-face, Aditi Mittal is certainly a force to reckon with. Covering topics regarding menstruation, vaginal tightening cream and whatnot, this chick certainly doesn’t hesitate when it comes to speaking her mind.

She was also present in the roast of Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor. Needless to say, her roast was one of the funniest ones there. Hopefully her comedy will help encourage other funny women to enter the world of standup.



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