5 Short Animes to Watch over the Winters


The world of Animes is addictive. Once you’re in, you are not getting out. Sometimes the sheer length of animes (One Piece) discourages those with interest to start watching them. So for those who are not willing to commit 700 episodes (again, One Piece), we bring a rundown of Short Animes that you can enjoy in limited time. Although a traditional short anime is considered as one with less than 25 episodes, for the purpose of this list that number has been extended to 75.


Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan is a story set in an alternate reality where humans have all been confined between 3 massive walls. These walls were set up to shield mankind from the Titans, humanoids that go in sizes of 5, 7, 15, and 60 meters (A tall human is 2 meters). Nobody knows where the titans originated from or how they survive/reproduce or how they can be killed. All they know is that Titans eat people simply because it’s fun (So basically really big zombies). On an unfortunate day when a Titan breaks through a part of the outermost wall, the end of humanity seems near. The story follows a young boy Eren who witnesses people being killed by Titans on the day of the break and pledges to “wipe out every single one of them”.


Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood



Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood is a 2009 Adventure/Science Fantasy anime based on the manga of the same name. It takes after the Elric siblings in their journey to figure out how to change their bodies back to typical in the wake of performing a fizzled catalytic transmutation to resurrect their mother . The story proceeds as the two young men do all that they can to find the philosopher’s stone and subsequently find some dim and repulsive truths about the nation they live in, and also the very true nature of alchemy itself.

The touching biographies and encounters it tells are so captivating, you’ll be sucked in. Every episode has you enthusiastic for the next with its ideal mix of narrating, tension, activity, parody, and emotion. It has a tiny bit of everything for everybody.

Coming in with 64 episodes, this one is a great choice for first time audience as it skips the conventionalism of usual animes and delivers something different.


Code Geass

Code Geass is an alternate history show with ridiculously amazing plots, mind blowing dark comedy, and some truly astounding principle characters. Sound awful? It’s not, it’s amazingly crazy.

The story takes after a Britannian named Lelouch living in Japan. This isn’t any Britannian, this is the previous ruler of Britannia Lelouchvi Britannia! He’s out to get his hands on some sweet reprisal on his social Darwinist father Charles vi Britannia (the sovereign) for forsaking him and his blind sister Nunnally in Japan when it was attacked.

Oh and most importantly, Lelouch is a flawless strategist. He makes amazingly insane plans that derive the plot. Subsequently, Code Geass is practically overflowing with awesome. From the amazing dynamic entrances to the insanely awesome strategic Xanatos Speed Chess that Lelouch has as a hobby, you’ll never be at a loss for moments that ooze awesome in bulk. And with 25 episodes, It does not pose a big issue to those with commitment issues.




Time Travel is arguably the toughest genre to form a story on and that is evidenced through the large number of failed attempts to do so. Steins:Gate is one such attempt but unlike the others, this one delivers nothing but perfection. It follows the story of a self-proclaimed “mad scientist” who accidentally discovers time travel and the happenings that follow.

Fascinating? Amazing? Enchanting? Inspiring? Few words exist in the English dialect to do this anime equity. All the applause one can credit to this anime is most likely not adequate. The plot is one of its kind, a mix of science fiction, sentiment, and puzzle. And Stein’s Gate is presumably the best in every of these categories.

The anime has only 24 episodes and each one will keep you on the edge of your seat. While the first half builds the suspense and confusion among viewers, the second half ties the loose ends to create a piece of art.

Death Note


By far the best short anime and arguably the best anime of all time, Death Note, ever since it release, has baffled people all over the world with its sheer brilliance. The show follows the story of a high school scholar Light Yagami who one day stumbles upon an intriguing notebook named Death Note. He finds out that the notebook in-fact belongs to the god of death and writing a person’s name one it will result in his death. What follows is a string of events that will make you addicted to this show and cry when it ends. As Yagami pledges to end all evil in the world by killing all the criminals, the viewer is made to ponder as to what the true meaning of justice is. His sense of pride and ego turns him into a vicious anti-hero of sorts but he isn’t without a match. To counter him, a detective known only as L is hired, and rest assured, his strategies aren’t any less fascinating.

Through the course of 37 episodes, Death Note forces viewers to pick a side, but due to the amazing character development, that decision isn’t easy.

This anime isn’t usually recommended to first time anime audience because it is so good that nothing matches up to it later. Whether an anime lover or not, binge watching all 37 episodes in two days (yes it can be done, speaking from experience) should be on your to-do list at least once in your life.



Which short animes are you favourites? Respond in the comments below.


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